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About Gemma

Gemma has been an Irish wildlife artist for more than twenty years. She is self-taught and has been refining her practice through one of England’s master wildlife artists.

Having managed a landscape design company for ten years, Gemma decided in 2012 to set up Foxglove Studio. Gemma considers herself a wildlife artist who excels in realistic animal paintings. Each of her works is designed to inspire and reaffirm the soul and beauty of each animal she draws or paints. Her preferred medium is pastel.

Gemma lives in the beautiful countryside just outside Cork City with her husband and three small children.


Gemma Best
Foxglove Studio, Castletreasure, Douglas, Cork.


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Latest News

Paintings sold as a private collection
to Blarney Castle, Blarney, Co. Cork.




Irish & Wild Collection

The Irish and Wild Collection captures the Innocence and Beauty of Wild
Birds and Animals living in rural Ireland.

Farmyard Collection

A Collection of Farmyard works. Each unique Character with their own Special Personality in everyday Farmyard Life.